About Us

Pristine Parks, The space of coexistence in the balance of all things,located on 99 rai of land in Khlong Khuean Subdistrict Khlong Khuean District Chachoengsao Province.
This place, the landscapes and buildings are designed by Ajarn Pirast Pacharaswata , under the combination of Human Nature with harmonious architectures. The area zoning in the project consists of Baan Rak Yim building, Octagonal pavilion, Architecture representing King Rama IX, natural pool, organic farming, herb garden, gallery and more

Our Vision

Focus on finding resources and local wisdom to be extracted and combined with internationalisation for having uniqueness and sustainability, then distilled into a prototype innovation for global society to serve the community.

Our Mission

products development (innovation), which come from community.

Develop a strong community

Disseminate a sustainable culture

The team is happy to work

Create an international knowledge network

Our Project

Our project starting from organic agriculture development since 1999. Until now we have developed 9 projects under holistic body care.

Various projects are made with the cooperation and knowledge of the community and experts both locally and abroad. The community to educate the origin history in the area, the experts to further study and research more information along with principles of knowledge in that field. The purpose is to invent new products or new approaches in order to experiment with people inside and outside the area, bringing results to improve in order to obtain practical results and disseminate to those interested.

Project 1
Gallery and Gilver /Architecture and Art

Project 2
Organic &

Project 3
Healing Harmony:
Spa & body satisfy

Project 4
Psychology and

Project 5
ABC (A Bridge of Culture)
and Green activities

Project 6
Swimming Pool

Project 7
Homeopathy for
organic agriculture

Project 8
Well Being Animal Home

Project 9
Drinking and
Eating Culture